No. 13 Maple Pancakes - 200g Soy Candle

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Old-fashioned pancakes.

A fresh hot stack of pancakes drizzled with sweet sticky maple syrup & butter to top it off. 


This candle contains notes of:

Buttermilk, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Vanilla.

Product Info

Approx. Burn Time: 40 hours

Height: 87mm 

Width: 72mm 

Weight In Wax: 200g

Total Weight: 450g


Our candles are hand-crafted using natural sustainable soy wax and premium fragrance oils with no additives. Your candle is housed in a UV resistant amber jar accompanied by a 100% cotton core wick and signature gold lid to retain the fragrance throw between uses.

Candle Care

Ahhhhh a new candle, there's nothing quite like lighting it up for the first time, but! Performing the first burn correctly is crucial to the performance of your candle.

Allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar creating a nice even melt pool before snuffing the flame. This can usually take between 1 - 2 hours for a full melt pool to occur.

We recommend burning your candle for 2 - 3 hours on it's first burn to allow the candle to release its full potential of that wonderful fragrance and create a beautiful flow on effect for your next burn.

Your candle will arrive to you with a pre-trimmed wick by us.

Please ensure you trim your wick in between burns to maintain a healthy flame and even burn. If your wick is too long you may find it will begin to mushroom which is completely normal, however will cause your candle to burn faster.

Mushrooming is caused by excess carbon build up.

Keep your wick trimmed to approx 1/4 inch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews

Delicious!!!!! Highly recommend A+

Gillespie Shamus
Tops all other brands

This is my second ever review in 28 years of living but these candles are the best I’ve found anywhere. I’ve tried all other brands Dusk, Glashouse etc but this is the nicest and strongest smelling with the best projection. Glad I found these

Storme Bishop
Smells delicious

I am really happy with the products I ordered. I brought a candle and wax melts for both myself and my boyfriend one and we both think they smell great!

My Family And I Loves This Candle!

Wow, I remember smelling this in a shop somewhere and was so in love with it. I asked who it was and completely forgot the name. Until I came across a proper stall one day at a local shop and bought this exact candle. My god, it's seriously indulgent and makes the whole upstairs smell like maple syrup. (It's lit in my bedroom) My mother and sister began to fall in love with it and would BEG me to light it sometimes when they are home. PLEASE buy this candle, you will not be disappointed!

Bella M
Mine and my partner’s favourite candle

My partner and I love this candle so much. It fills the entire room with a beautiful inviting scent. This is my favourite candle I have tried from wax house candle co (they’re all fabulous this ones just next level).

Bailey McInnes
Maple Pancakes

Great candle, if you love the smell of maple syrup, you won’t be disappointed.

Lisa Langford
Smells delicious!

The fragrances of these beautiful candles make your house smell like a bakery!
They burn for hours and the fragrance is spot on, just as described.
I’d would definitely purchase again! Love them! So delicious!

Current fave

This one is sooo good, you can actually smell the maple & the pancake smell. Highly recommend

Liz Cavallaro
Pancakes throughout the whole house

This candle is my favourite, smells exactly like maple syrup pancakes. The smell lasts for the entire candle. Highly recommend if you love pancakes

Sam Cave

My husband loves this smell so much. He's so obsessed with having it burning !